This quest section is for quest chains that BEGIN with Maya. If a quest isn't listed here, it may have been started with another guide/character.

<Maya is unlocked after Kate's quest line 'Island Growth: Artists' Retreat' is complete>

Introduction to Maya Edit

"We have a wave of art-loving guests arriving. Good thing we've added another bungalow! Are you ready for a new goal? How about… achieving a luxury status. I've found a terrific candidate to help us ramp up to being a luxury spa. Meet Maya"
“It's such a pleasure to be here! I look forward to sharing my skills in yoga, creative arts, and relaxing spas.”
Task: Hire Maya


In Search of Magical Waters Edit

"I came to help you run a spa, but I have a secret passion. Legends say that your island has a source of magical waters that can grant any wish! I'm following my dream to find it. But I'm such a city girl. The jungle scares me!"

Quest Title Prologue Requirements Epilogue Reward
In Search of Magical Waters

1 of 6


"I'm scared to explore the jungle. I'm already covered with insect bites. Chloe says raw fish is good to put on bites."

0/6 Collect from Dolphin

0/10 Make Steamed Rice

0/3 Make Fish Rolls


“Putting raw fish on insect bites only makes me smell like raw fish. Bleh. I don’t know where Chloe gets these offbeat ideas.”

2 Crabs

Maya: “I found a caterpillar in my bed and screamed so loudly I woke Chloe. She thought it was hysterical. I was so embarrassed, but I’m not used to crawly things with lots of legs in my bed. She laughs when I talk about magical waters, too."

Quest Title Prologue Requirements Epilogue Reward
In Search of Magical Waters

2 of 6


“I rescued the caterpillar from my bed. I’ll prove I’m not scared of it by finding it a new home. Flowers should do."

0/2 Make Orchid Perfume

0/4 Make Coconut Oil

0/3 Make Scented Soap

4 Orchids